Fees and Tuition

Summary of Fees (in US$)

  • Application fee - $55: you will recieve a link for online payment by credit card once you fillout and submit the application.
  • Registration fee - $70 *
  • Tuition - $700 for each Arabic language course; $600 for all other courses. Tuition fees will be paid once you are in the country. payment will be through online link which the program will send to you with instruction on how to pay during orientation week. Fees are non-refundable for courses dropped after the first week of classes. In the case of complete withdrawal from the program or from the courses within the first week of classes, students receive a 35 percent refund of the tuition fees. Courses on offer may chang during the first week of classes depending on the palcement test and number of registered students in class.
  • Housing allocation fee  - $50** The university will assist students in finding accommodation according to the type of housing requested on their application form. The university will direct students to their accommodation on the first day of orientation or the first day of arrival (not on Fridays, Sundays, weekends, or holidays).
  • Living expenses costs: Students will be responsible for all rent and associated payments to their landlords. Rent includes water, electricity and internet. Cooking gas and heating gas are the students' reponsiblity.   Students should budget as follows: US $200-250 per month for a shared room US $250-300 per month for a single room US $600-700 (MAX) per month for food and transportation, US $400-500 each semester for miscellaneous (entertainment, trips etc) 
  • Library fee - $10*
  • Student Identification Card - $10
  • Late-application fee - $30, if applications reach PAS after the application deadline.
  • Internet fee - $15*
  • Health Insurance - $10 * (The health insurance covers visits to the university doctor, lab tests if needed, and dental clinic on campus.  Students are advised to buy a more comprehensive health insurance from their home country before arriving to cover hospital, specialized doctors or emergency surgeries.)
  • Transcript & enrollment verification letters - $15

* These fees are paid each semester.
** Students who need our help finding accommodation are strongly advised to send in their application form well before the application deadline, as the number of availble rooms are limited priority of accommodation will be based upon first in first serve bases.

Please contact the PAS office at pas-isp@birzeit.edu if you have any questions.