Welcoming the Fall 2023-2024 Students

Birzeit University welcomed the new students in the Palestine and Arab Studies Program "PAS";

Thirty new students from different countries are enrolled in the program this semester. The students went on a tour in the university campus to introduce them to its faculties, facilities, institutes and centers. Later on, they went on a tour in Birzeit town and Ramallah city center.

PAS Director, Lamees Abbas, greeted the new students and briefed them on the specialized courses that PAS program offers such as Arabic language, Palestinian culture, history and politics. She also mentioned that “a study of Arabic opens up endless possibilities and opportunities for those who embark upon it; Arabic is both challenging and rewarding to learn”. In addition, the administrative and financial coordinator, Rasha Kassis, gave the students some guidelines regarding academic matters and other logistics.   

During the welcoming ceremony, the Public Relations Office screened an introductory film about Birzeit University.