The PAS program invites international students and scholars interested in acquiring language skills and knowledge that would enable them both to gain an understanding and appreciation of the indigenous Palestinian culture, and to interact with Palestinian students attending Birzeit University. In turn, Palestinian students are exposed to new cultures by the international students participating in PAS. It is our hope that this program will play a modest but significant role in the development of international understanding and peace.

The PAS program is a comprehensive and accredited international study program that includes courses of high academic quality combined with a series of extracurricular lectures and field trips. This year-round program consists of three semesters: two regular semesters and one intensive summer semester. Students may enroll at the beginning of any semester. The PAS program is open to university students and graduates from around the world, those working in fields related to the Middle East, and those who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of the region, its language and its culture.


The principal mission of PAS stems from the fact that language is considered a cultural transmitter. Believing in Frank Smith’s saying, “One language sets you in a corridor for life; two languages open every door along the way”, PAS aspires to educate, inspire and empower people of various ages, cultures and backgrounds through learning the Arabic language and its culture at home. Through a number of courses, PAS program aims at providing students with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively across international borders and cultures. It also develops their cultural awareness through community connections and social interaction in and outside Birzeit University. In other words, it encourages cross-cultural friendships and opens the door to other cultures and countries. In addition, PAS  aims to facilitate the learning process and disseminate the experience worldwide to offer the chance to make a difference to others 


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