PAS Academics

The academic portion of the PAS program is comprised of Arabic language and social science courses, from which students may select a maximum of four courses during the regular semesters, or three during the summer intensive. The Arabic language courses include four levels of Modern Standard Arabic and three levels of colloquial Arabic (Jerusalem dialect). Our social science courses cover a wide array of topics, including Palestine and the Arab world in general. For a full list, please go to our programs section.

The PAS Arabic courses are designed to teach the language as an integral part of the culture, while the social science courses (taught in English) provide analyses of Arab and Palestinian issues in the disciplines of politics, sociology, literature and history. International students proficient in Arabic may, with permission, take courses in various fields that are taught in Arabic and offered as part of the university’s regular programs. International students can also register for regular university classes that are taught in English, such as French, English, math, business and various economic courses.