Fall and Spring Semesters

During each of our regular two school semesters, students may take up to four courses: Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic (Jerusalem dialect), and two social sciences courses. Each semester, there will be special trips to places around Palestine, guest lectures, workshops and additional opportunities to round your experience of not only learning Arabic, but living Arabic!

Summer Intensive

During the summer semester, we provide students with the same amount of Arabic language classroom time as during a regular semester, but over a time period of just two months. Students may also choose to take one social science course. After completion of the summer semester, students may also choose to participate in the International Summer Work Camp.  Here, students from around the world participate in community-oriented volunteer projects in schools, municipalities, and civil society organizations throughout the West Bank. This amazing opportunity allows students to then actively use their language skills beyond the classroom. For more information about the International Summer Work Camp, please visit: