Modern and Contemporary Arab Thought

Course Description: 

This course deals with the rise and development of modern and contemporary Arab thought. This is carried out through a systematic and in-depth study of important intellectual and cultural currents. These include reformism, religious fundamentalism, nationalism, socialism, liberalism, etc.

The course also deals with the interaction between these currents and Arab-Islamic heritage, as well as western civilization. Finally, the course deals with the most important challenges facing Al-Mashriq and Al-Maghreb, which include: imperialism and decolonization, the national state and Arab unity, democracy, pan-Arabism and Islam, dependency and independence, problems of Arab-Islamic culture, minorities, innovation and creativity, and Palestine and the Zionist challenge.

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CULS 332
Social/Political Science Courses
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  • Spring & Fall - 4 hrs/wk, 3 credits
  • Summer - 6 hrs/wk, 3 credits