اجتماع مديرة برنامج الدراسات العربية والفلسطينية ،د.تغريد عابد، مع السكرتير الاول في بعثة فلسطين في اسبانيا،السيد... More

Dear Birzeit University Guests and “PAS” Website Visitors,

Throughout your tour at Birzeit University campus (BZU) or its website visit,... More

PAS faculty, staff and students all gathered in the village of Jiffna to share a night of Ramadan Iftar.  Breaking the day's fast was enjoyed by... More

Today, PAS students received the opportunity to visit Ms. Leila Ghannam the Governor of Ramallah/AlBireh.  Ms. Ghannam was the first appointed... More

First Annual International Day

Learn Arabic, live Arabic!  Language is culture in... More