PAS Students go to Salfeet

On this trip, PAS students will see the reality of the settlements on the ground. You will have the chance to have a discussion and mini-lectures with specialists about settlements, groundwater issues, agriculture, Israeli industrial zones, and their effects on the people and the environment, as well as the effects of the Apartheid Wall on that area.
The program will be as follows:
Meet with the acting governor who will give a presentation about the situation in Salfeet Provence.
Visit to Al-Matwi Valley to see the effects of the sewage system from Areal Settlement.
Visit to the Old City in Deir Isteia.
Visit to Hani Al-Amer’s house behind the Apartheid Wall in Masha Village to see the effect of the settlement on his living conditions.
Visit to the Abd Al-Qader Abu Naba’ cultural center in the town of Al-Zawiya.
Visit to Deir Ballout at the end of the day to have lunch/dinner.
This trip and these lectures will complement the issues you have been discussing in the political and social science classes lead by Mr. Sa’d.